Nursery calendar Via Monte Vodice


The nursery is open:
Monday – Friday 7.30 – 18.30
September – July
August closed

Please note that for new subscriptions and renewals conducted from September to July will propose the following rates:

s. y. 2024-25
Entry: 250,00 euro/year 200,00 euro/year
Heating contribution: 300,00 euro/year
Whole day 18.30: 580,00 euro/year (*) 07.30/09.30 – 18.30
Whole day 17.00: 560,00 euro/month (**) 07.30/09.30 – 17.00
Whole day 15.30: 540,00 euro/month (**) 07.30/09.30 – 15.30
Half day morning: 480,00 euro/month 07.30/09.30 – 13.00


New subscriptions discount: PROMOTIONS
Sibling discount:
30% family discount available the second child booked into the nursery/kindergarten for full time places.
New starters:
from September till May

N.B.: The above rates include the use of the facility, the assistance of the staff, the materials needed for recreational and educational activities, the necessary for ordinary cleaning of children (except nappies, wet wipes and soothing creams), mid-morning breakfast, mid-afternoon lunch and snack, IPD.

(*) We remind all parents that the municipal regulation City of Turin n. 340 provides that the stay of the child to the nursery can not exceed 10 consecutive hours.

(**) If the output time of 15:30 and 17:00 is not respected for more than four days during the month, it will be required, an increase of 20.00 EUR on the right of the month.

(***) Contribution for health emergency: this amount of € 10.00 will be applied only as long as it is necessary to have Individual Prevention Devices. The 6.30 pm exit will also be reduced to 6.00 pm for as long as the health emergency continues.

The Day Nursery Poppies and Ducks are affiliated with: Ferrero SpA, the State Police, recreational Italgas Group Circle