Private Nursery Turin Via Monte Vodice

Papaveri e Papere vision statement incorporates our idea of “nursery services” and the Active Education approach developed by C.E.M.E.A., (the international federation of Centres for Training in Active Education Methods)  in particular with respect to the educational training in our region – which includes within its trainers our priceless pedagogical coordinator D.ssa G. Sciacca.
Our vision is twofold in two main principles:
1. We value and respect children as single individuals. Every child has a natural potential which should be properly nurtured. Our commitment is to explore and encourage it with the support of his/her own family.
2. We provide a safe, caring and loving environment that promotes sharing and personal engagement. We embrace mutual learning development trough children vs. adults (parents and educators/teachers) networks.
It is Papaveri e Papere philosophy (staff and management included) to build successful relationships with parents and carers, to unable them to share part of their children nursery/school routine, such as: daily”chit-chat”, private talks, meetings, parties and family labs.
Our educational framework is therefore global and privileged as we put emphasis on the natural and spontaneous parents’ educational role that we back up with “more technical educational activities” planned and structured according with the modern psico-pedagogica standards and professionally led by qualified teachers/educational trainers under the active supervision of out pedagogical coordinator.
The child can everyday find in his or her surroundings warmth and security as well as confidence to thrive social, emotional and intellectual growth.

“We believe that children are competent, curious and confident individuals who can thrive in a self-guided learning environment where mutual respect between teacher and student is paramount. We emphasise the importance of parents taking an active role in their child’s early education.” Loris Malaguzzi

Papaveri e Papere nursery and kindergarten have been accredited with Turin Municipality. They have also been selected and thus provide corporate rates by the following companies:

Ferrero S.p.A.  (Papaveri & Papere is its only company nursery)
Polizia di Stato,
Ordine degli Avvocati
Circolo ricreativo Gruppo Italgas
Ordine degli architetti
Sindacato dei giornalisti