Educational year 2022-2023 Organizational health and hygiene measures and individual behaviors to be adopted both by the childcare service and by the families of the enrolled children aimed at containing the spread of the infection from Covid-19 and other diseases.

Dear family,
the new educational year 2022-2023 will probably see us still engaged in health management for the containment of the spread of the infection from Covid-19 (in the new variants) and other diseases of viral and bacterial origin spread in the community and made particularly contagious due to a weakened immune system from 2 years of isolation, masks and sanitization; therefore, attention to the care and protection of the health of children, girls and adults must continue to accompany us in all our actions.

Law Decree 111 of 6 August 2021, “urgent measures for the safe exercise of school, university, social and transport activities”, clearly states the value and priority given to education and school in the presence, goal for which we have spent 3 years now.

In order to guarantee the safety of boys / girls and service workers, we invite the parents of both the children who have been inserted and of the children who have attended our nursery since the last educational year, to inform the Management about their vaccination situation in general and from Covid-19.

It is not our intention to discriminate against families whose members are still lacking Covid-19 vaccination coverage (the nursery does not welcome children who have not undergone compulsory vaccinations) but this request is part of the collaboration and commitment to respect for the rules that both parties, nursery and family, are preparing to observe and sign for the well-being and safety of our children.

Within a community, everyone’s behaviors are fundamental for the prevention and reduction of risks and we are sure that each of the parties, families and nursery workers, will work very seriously so that life within our small educational community can take place peacefully without abdicating founding educational and pedagogical values ​​while continuing to follow certain rules imposed by health and safety protocols. Therefore, we invite you to read and sign the following information:


The lockers will be grouped by section.

Spaces, furnishings, materials and games will be sanitized several times a day, according to the requirements of the safety protocol and all staff will be provided with masks and other necessary protective devices.

The use of the mask will be mandatory for all adults and boys / girls over the age of 6 who, for various reasons, will access the nursery, as well as hand sanitation;

The temperature will be measured only if it is deemed necessary to do so.

The reception / return of the children will be carried out in the box near the entrance door and the undressing / dressing of the children will be the responsibility of the nursery staff at least as long as the service deems it necessary.

During the acclimatization period, only one parent or delegate can enter the section and only if healthy and declaring that he has not tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days. He will have to wear a mask, shoes and sanitize his hands before entering the section.

Even if the state of health emergency falls completely, we kindly invite the parent to enter the asylum individually (or in the company of any children under the age of 14) to accompany and collect the child and stay in the reception as short as possible in order not to generate gatherings and to allow other parents to enter as well.

It is important that the boys / girls who attend the facility are in good health and therefore it will be necessary more than ever that they be kept at home whenever they present symptoms such as: temperature above 37.5 °, abnormal and persistent cough, breathing difficulties serious, red and / or watery eyes, loss of taste, smell, fatigue, unusual irritability, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite.

The fever of the child will not be measured every day at the entrance. However, if a temperature above 37.5 ° or other symptoms among those listed are detected during the day, the notified family must take care to come and take the child from the nursery as soon as possible.

Readmission will only take place upon presentation of the self-certification proving the absence of the symptoms that led to the removal for at least 3 days.

The rules described therein are a summary of what is indicated on our internal regulations, already in your hands.

In order to seal the co-responsibility agreement between the owner of the service and the registered families attending the Papaveri e Papere nursery, you will find attached to this the CO-RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENT that you must sign and return to the service and the SELF-CERTIFICATION FORM OF GOOD HEALTH of the child to be presented at each return to the nursery in case of prolonged absence due to illness.


The direction