Nursery setting

Papaveri & Papere, established in 2012, is situated in a two storey house in the surrounding of Ruffini park (Via Lancia side).
The building had been fully renovated according to the latest safety and hospitality standards.
The whole light and colourful 600 mt site is perceived as a “playground of wanders” – pastoral is the inspirational design (a countryside village with a clocktower, a toy tractor, stylised trees and lots of poppies and ducklings all around) – and offers kids up to 3 years old, an interesting and  unique place to spend their days.

The nursery area: for our caterpillars (babies) and young butterflies (toddlers) is developed on the ground floor around a large conservatory – a large playground area covered by automatic semi transparent polycarbonate panels which protect from the heath without stopping the sunlight coming through.

Nursery share the same reception area overlooking the 2 classrooms to promote transparency among families, educators as well as children.

Carmen’s kitchen: our unique and only chef - provides all kids freshly prepared exquisite meals. We strictly ensure fresh products according to HACCP standards. Sometimes children get involved in food  as “little cooks” during the kitchen labs.
The nap and relax room is also located on the ground floor where children enjoy their afternoon nap in the tranquillity of the soft sounds of lullabies.
We provide the all the nap set including duvet, as well as towels and bibs for the meals.

Medical room: the nursery is equipped with a dedicated room and rely on a community paediatrician to protect the health of its little guests.

Papaveri & Papere  vision statement incorporates our idea of “nursery services” and the Active Education approach developed by  C.E.M.E.A. (the international federation of Centres for Training in Active Education Methods) and  it lies upon the loving way of taking care of the child and put the emphasis on a welcoming and appropriate relationship with the family as a necessary element to achieve such a unique goal:
Developing his own potential,l right at the start of his life.
Partnership with families provides the child with a vaste range of emotional, cognitive and relational “opportunities in order to develop his personality harmoniously.
That will definitely promote the child mindfulness, self-assurance and openness towards life.
We are persuaded that partnership with families provides the child with a vaste range of emotional, cognitive and relational “opportunities” in order to develop his personality harmoniously.
That’s way we try to involve them in their child nursery/school routine with daily”chit-chat”, private talks, meetings, parties and family labs.

Papaveri &Papere nursery and kindergarten have been accredited  with Turin Municipality.
They have also been selected and thus provide corporate rates by the following companies:

Ferrero S.p.A. 

Polizia di Stato
Ordine degli Avvocati 
Circolo ricreativo Gruppo Italgas
Ordine degli architetti
Sindacato dei giornalisti