Services – activity

PRE-SCHOOL AND POST-SCHOOL (for kindergarten only)

Pre-school (07.30 – 08.30) and post-school (16.30 – 18.30) hours are always available to facilitate parents working commitments. Educational professionals and teachers take care of the children in a rota  offering children a calming start to the day and enabling parents to get away early enough and reassuring them as their children are already taken in safe hands at school.


Our cook daily prepares home cooked delicious and healthy meals  conforming to HACCP standards. We daily provide fresh meals in accordance with the seasonal variety and children dietary needs.
We kindly ask to respect the drop off/entrance time (08:9:00) to let our cook work in advance for the lunches and the middle afternoon snack.
For those requiring specialised diets as for notified food allergy of all sorts, we provide appropriate substitutions.


With the aknowledgement that mothers, as well as fathers and the other members of the family are definetely crucial in the children  development,  we offer personalised consultancy to support them.
Some families may be at the first experience with a community and this transition period when their beloved child starts to recognise new reference points must be taken care of with particolar sensitivity.

Settling in sessions for both nursery and pre-school are therefore designed to help your cherished child to adjust by meeting the other children and familiarising thimself with the surroundings and staff.  Furthermore this settling period gives the parent, the opportunity to discuss your child’s individual needs with their key worker and also any anxieties that may have.
Parents can benefi from any of these “private occasions” in which they can discuss their troubles, insicurities and frustration of being parents getting some hints or food for thoughts to better manage their relationship with their children.


As we strongly believe in active and continuous training. Our educational staff members are strongly encouraged by the pedagogical coordinator and site manager to attend professional development courses on a regular basis to update their skills and knowledge and to ensure your children continue to receive the best possible care. (eg. Divisione Servizi Educativi della Città di Torino or other accredited centres involved with children education training courses)


Parents are an essential component of the program; a competent and active part of their children’s learning experience. They are not considered consumers but co-responsible partners. A big part of the approach is the community and parent relationships with the schools.
We encourage families and carers to be actively involved in their child´s nursery and pre-school life, because this provides a positive and friendly impact on their learning and development. We aim to build relationships with families in every day life starting from mutual openness and trust.
Their right to participation is expected and supported; it takes many forms, and can help ensure the welfare of all children in the program:
– general parents meeting to share Papaveri & Papere mission statement and educational approach, organisational issues and future plans regarding the schools, excursions and celebrations.
– settling process: during the initial settle session we will go through the child’s profile and essential information whilst your child has a short play with the other children, with you nearby.
We use this opportunity to observe your child and subsequently raise any questions we have regarding their care and needs.  We aim to ensure that not only are our children happy and secure but that our parents needs are taken care of too.
– individual talks to discuss about any further imporrtant issues
– general class meetings where techers and parents meet to share children progress with documenting children’s work which is viewed as as an important tool in the learning process for children, teachers, and parents.
– parties where families and pre-school get together

A big part of the approach is the community and parent relationships with the schools through extra curriculumplanned lab activities.
Parents are widely welcomed to be involved with the schools development and maintenance as well as their children’s learning.
Most of all, parents are expected and encouraged to play an active role in their children’s play and learning at home and within the setting.

Papaveri & Papere di Torino – SERVICES OFFERED

– Dedicated pedagogue for planning and educational support
– Community pediatritian
– Counselling and psychological support to children family
– In house cooked fresh meals
– Indoor and outdoor gardens
– Private short-term parking place (Via Pisa)
– Buggy park
– Personal nap & meal set (sheet, pillow case, towel and bib) for every child


– Art labs and creative painting (also with “Spazio ZeroSei”) LINK
– “Little chefs” labs
– English with Buddies
– Music for kids
– Pet therapy
– Psychomotor classes
– Halo-therapy
– “Little stories” labs within the “Born to read” reading aloud project
– Parties (hall hire) in our conservatory